Our services

Cyra Estates is dedicated to producing high quality cigars – Premium – with selected classified, treated and processed raw material from the best tobacco specialists. The cigars are manufactured by expert tobacconists with long experience to guarantee a perfect finish.

Once the cigars are made, they undergo a series of stays in climate controlled rooms to eliminated all possible pests, excess humidity and harshness of the fresh cigars until they reach the aging room where they will stay a minimum of 3 months before dispatch. Some of our brands rest there for a much longer time.

Cyra Estates LLC produces its own brands but is happy to consider any request regarding cigar manufacturing. The company will take the necesssary time to assess the needs of the clients in order to produce the cigars exactly as wished. Every client will have its own “secret” blend and Cyra Estates will not produce cigars with the same blend for different customers. We will assist you in personalizing your cigar brand with customized rings boxes, cases or tubes.

We will privilege collaboration with customers having the same high quality demands as the owner of our company in order that all cigars produced by Cyra Estates fit our company standards.